Our new song with The Spectre, BURY YOU, is out TODAY, 1st of August, 2020.

This year has been extremely challenging so far, but music always comes through, and we can finally share this song with you, conceived in August 2019.

This is our second collaboration with The Spectre, Paris-based hip hop artist and producer, following the success of MERMAIDS, and the latter’s selection by BBC Music Introducing in London.

BURY YOU is a folk noir, pop ballad with hip hop influences, featuring The Spectre, and narrating the difficulty of letting go of toxic love, whilst finding the strength to do so over time. It’s about not having to say goodbye, or looking for “closure”.  This song was born following the acapella soundtrack I wrote for the award-winning short, psychological thriller, YOUR REALITY by Tatjana Anders, tackling the current topic of Gaslighting, with the goal to raise awareness of this psychological abuse and help the victims recognise its signs.

I hope it takes you on a journey and gives your strength.

Click here to download your own copy!

Connecting with you all through music, makes me truly happy. This is a tough year but we’ll get through it. Stay safe and stay healthy.