Flow (Feat. Grendel Babies) by Echo Wants Her Voice Back

I’m really excited to finally announce the release date of one of my favourite songs, Flow, coming out on the 28th of February this year. You can now preorder the track.

I was so lucky to have an amazing team of musicians and friends help me out with the recording. Huge thanks to Andreas Papapetrou who sat down with me to arrange this song on the piano, and then recorded the track for me. Thanks for believing in me buddy. Marilena Zackheos @grendelbabies, my best friend who recorded the backing vocals in Cyprus and is featured on this track. @_maddyhamilton_ my awesome bandmate and friend in London who recorded the cello for it. And finally thank you so much to a great friend and mentor @mike_connaris @mcassomusic for standing by me all these years, and recording my vocals in his studio in Carnaby Street, and getting the song mixed and mastered, and re arranged multiple times until we got it just right.

Thanks to @yessidraws for the fabulous cover art and to for the photo she based it on.

I cannot wait to share Flow with you!

A music video by @bartek_podkowa
@sevenhillsmovies and his team will be out soon too (6th of March). Subscribe on my youtube channel (echowantshervoiceback) to be the first to watch it!

Thanks to @dino_joachimThe Nightingale Hotel for lending us your space to film.

Click here to download your copy!